paola bagna is an architecture and design practice based in
berlin and empuriabrava.

biography & motivations

Originally from the Catalan village of Empuriabrava, Paola Bagna studied Architecture at Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura in Barcelona and Technische Universität in Berlin.

With over 14 years of professional experience working for both award-winning offices and through her own company, formerly ‘spamroom’, she has developed private residential and commercial design projects in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Abidjan.

Paola Bagna has a particular interest in transforming existing places of any size.
Her projects seek beauty through simplicity, functionality and detailing, allowing the users to engage with the space. The dialog and exchange with the client is key to defining and personalizing each project.

Her design competences and the adaptation to other building environments have been also fostered and strengthened by some years leading design and construction projects on the African continent.
Speaking five languages fluently, she is always open to new design challenges, projects and collaborations worldwide.

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01/2022 Berlin Residential Micro Apartment Friedrichshain
09/2021 Hövelhof Commercial Showroom Pollmeier
10/2020 Berlin Residential Kitchen BKS7
01/2020 Berlin Residential Micro Apartment Schöneberg
02/2019 Berlin Residential Otis' Haus
01/2019 Munich Commercial Stand Wingburg
06/2018 Berlin Residential Mezzanine J5
03/2018 Abidjan Commercial Villa Lepic Boutique Hotel Exterior
03/2018 Abidjan Commercial Villa Lepic Boutique Hotel Interiors
01/2018 Barcelona Residential Apartment CC52
12/2017 Berlin Residential Apartment AM106
08/2016 Paris Commercial Stand Meyou
03/2015 Berlin Residential Micro Apartment Moabit
12/2014 berlin Commercial Stand Halbinsel
07/2014 paris Residential Apartment Rue de Lille
02/2014 berlin commercial Galatea Wine Bar
12/2013 berlin commercial Ed and Fred Store
01/2013 berlin Residential Apartment W48
10/2012 berlin commercial Idli Restaurant
03/2012 berlin commercial Plus One Hotel
01/2012 berlin commercial Feed Soundspace


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- “SMALL HOMES, GRAND LIVING: Interior Design for Compact Spaces”
Gestalten Publisher
A&C Publishing
Instituto Monsa de Ediciones
Gestalten Publisher & ­Michelle Galindo
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