Ed and Fred Store


INFOSProject: Interior and furniture design for a dry fruits shop
Completion date: 12/2013
Location: Taubenstraße 14, Berlin Mitte
Architects: Paola Bagna
Area: 50 m2

CREDITSMain contractor: Inhouse Berlin
Carpenter: Max Ganssmann Möbel & Set Design
Metalsmith: Dirani Metallkunstgestaltung
Photographer: Ringo Paulusch


Ed & Fred is a chain selling dry fruit, nuts and coffee.
The compact 50 m2 premises sit within a shopping complex with a heavy pedestrian footfall. We planned a large product display area, storage, a small employee area, a counter for bulk sale of nuts, and a home roasted coffee tasting area to appeal to passersby.

The customer circulation pattern was of great importance to guide people comfortably and smoothly through the store and to allow staff to work efficiently in close quarters. The various compact furniture pieces were designed to be robust, yet appear visually light. A combination of black powder-coated steel framework and walnut timber shelving was chosen in keeping with the pre-existing walnut flooring of the retail unit.